Call Me Crazy!

What I find curious is that Nellie Bly feigned that she was crazy so that she could investigate the Women’s Lunatic Asylum, on Blackwell’s Island, and gain an insiders view of a home for the crazy. Putting herself at great personal risk to verify claims of neglect and abuse. Is it not fair to say that on some level she was crazy?  I think its fair to say that certainly her mission was. What I was surprised to find was that this was in 1887. Ironically enough, the same year that Dorothea Dix died. I would have thought that by now the scenes she describes would have been mostly outmoded. In the article, “Into the Madhouse with Nellie Bly: Girl Stunt Reporting in Late Nineteenth-Century America,” Jean Marie Lutes offers further exploration of the kind of reporting that Bly was engaged in.

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