Other Voices, Other Rooms

One of the things that I find so interesting is how our lives are shaped and based on where and with whom we spend them.  After all, that’s what life is: it’s a series of rooms.  And who we get caught up with in those rooms ultimately shapes and informs the direction and definition of our lives; gives them form and function.  Life is series of interspatial relationships, both internally and externally.  Some we hold close, others we hold at arm’s length.  Within each of us we have certain places where we keep things and go to in certain times.  They vary in shape, size, scope, color, and function; they consist of barriers, buffers, points of intersection, and overlap.  All of them however have the same value: they give our lives depth and dimension.  There are some places where we keep vaults; some where we keep joy; and others where we keep painful wounds that beggar description.  Some spaces are open, some closed, and some that are half-open depending on the situation.  One prime example of this comes to mind, our campus.  Our campus consists of a series of structures, each retaining a set of characteristics that make it distinctive and unique, each possessing its own unique form and function.  Just like our campuses people.  What may appeal and work for some may not always work for others.  But there is always a room for someone to carve out a space where they feel whole.  Nothing with any real meaning is one-dimensional.  Not even people!  There are no absolutes when it comes to the human mind.


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